About our Studio  

Trella is a New York City based design and fabrication studio that focuses on high end lighting, furniture and furnishings designed by Trella’s co founders Timothy Mellema and Daniel Termini. With collective backgrounds in art, architecture, furniture making, jewelry making and sculpture, Mellema and Termini design and manufacture a curated collection which celebrates materiality, color, texture, and processes specifically related to artisan metalworking. Trella’s work showcases a commitment to craft and quality reaching for both sophisticated and elegant design and detailing.

Embracing our New York City location, nearly all components of our work are manufactured by our skilled team of artisans within our workshop. Specialty operations which take place out of our shop such as glass blowing, metal spinning and stamping, 3D printing, casting and metal plating all happen through a highly regarded network of local shops of the greater New York Metropolitan area. It is with great pride that we stand by this commitment.

Trella also stands by the policy and practice of acceptance and tolerance and will always be an ally to the LGBTQIA community.


Our Team


Humans from left to right:

Jackson Napierala : Finisher

Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky: Shop Manager / Fabricator

Daniel Termini: Co-Founder / Designer / Finisher

Timothy Mellema : Co-Founder / Designer / Fabricator

Dogs from left to right:

Arthur Klein-Stropnicky 

Luna Jane Napierala-Termini

Benedict Mellema